Fantastic TOTORO Meals

Meals of Japanese popular anime "Ghibli", that I cooked

アジのサラダ丼ぶりトトロのせ The horse mackerel salad bowl sitting a TOTORO


The horse mackerel salad bowl sitting a TOTORO


The hourse mackerel and other vegetables are on the vinegar rice. I made this small TOTORO with white radish, green onion, and sea weed. And I changed it's color by soy sauce. You can put other kinds of vegetables, your favorite.


作り方 How to cook it

材料(1人分) Ingredients for 1 person

ご飯        1人前
rice for 1 person

アジ(3枚おろし) 1匹分
a horse mackerel, filet in 3 pieces

かいわれ      好きなだけ
radish sprouts, as many as you want

ミョウガ      1個
a Japanese ginger

長ネギ       好きなだけ
green onions, as many as you want

大根おろし     好きなだけ
minced white radish, as many as you want

すし酢       小さじ1
1 tsp of vinegar for sushi; sweet type of vinegar

しょうゆ      小さじ1
1 tsp of soy sauce

塩         少々
salt a little bit

酢         大さじ2
2 tbsp of vinegar

1. アジを一口大に切り、酢につけておく。ミョウガと長ネギは小さく切っておく。
  Cut the horse mackerel and dip into vinegar. And cut the Japanese vinegar and green onion.

2. すし酢をまぜたご飯の上にかいわれ、ミョウガ、長ネギ、アジを盛りつける。
  Put the vinegar-for-sushi-mixed rice to a bowl. Then, put the radish sprouts, Japanese ginger, green onion, and the horse mackerel on it.

3. 大根おろしをよく絞って水分を抜き、トトロの形に固める。
  Wring to remove moisture from the minced white radish, and shape like TOTORO.

4. 長ネギの白い部分で白目、のりで黒目をそれぞれ切って作り、貼付ける。
  Make TOTORO's eyes with the white part of the green onion, and make black eyes with sea weed.

5. トトロをのせたら、しょうゆと塩をかける。
  Put the TOTORO on the bowl, and put soy sauce and salt.