Fantastic TOTORO Meals

Meals of Japanese popular anime "Ghibli", that I cooked

大トトロ入りおでん Oden with big TOTOROs


Oden with big TOTOROs


Oden is a Japanese dish in which a variety of ingredients such as tofu, eggs, white radish, fried fish paste, and potatoes are boiled together in a large pot of seasoned fish broth. When you make the big TOTOROs, you have to use the hand-made cookie cutter.


作り方 How to cook

材料(おでん 1人前) Ingredients for 1 person

にぼし       3〜6尾
3-6 dried small sardines

昆布       3cmくらい
3cm of kelp

タマネギ     1個
an onion

こんにゃく    1個
a konjac; yam cake

鶏もも肉     30〜50g
30-50g of chicken

卵        1個
an egg

大根       厚切り2個分くらい
cut white radish

おあげ      1枚
a deep fried tofu

スライスチーズ  1枚
1 sliced cheese

のり       1枚
1 sea weed

しょうゆ     大さじ1
1 tbsp of soy sauce

1. 卵はゆでておく。小鍋に水を2カップとにぼし、昆布を入れ、煮立たせる。
  Boil the egg. And put the dried sardines, kelp, and 2 cups of water into a pot. Then, boil it.

2. 煮立ったら、タマネギをまるごと、こんにゃくをまるごと、鶏肉、ゆで卵、大根、おあげを入れ、フタをして煮る。
  Then, put a whole onion, whole konjac, cut chicken, boiled egg, radish, and cut deep fried tofu into the pot, and boil them.

3. こんにゃくを取り出し、トトロの型に抜く。
  Put the konjac out, and cut with a TOTORO-shaped cookie cutter.

4. スライスチーズを切り、トトロのお腹と白目として型抜きしたこんにゃくに貼る。のりで黒目とお腹の模様を作り貼る。
  Make a stomach and eyes with sliced cheese. And make black eyes and the design of stomach with sea weed.

5. こんにゃくでできたトトロをそっと(のりやチーズが落ちないように)小鍋に戻す。
  Put back the TOTOROs made of konjac into the pot.