Fantastic TOTORO Meals

Meals of Japanese popular anime "Ghibli", that I cooked

トトロファミリークッキー Cookies of TOTOROs' family


Cookies of TOTOROs' family


First, you have to make a TOTORO shape cookie cutter with a aluminum plate of 0.3 thick. You can buy it at DIY stores easily. Then, you can make the TOTOROs' family. So cute and must be pleased if you give them :D


作り方 How to cook them

材料(大トトロ 9匹分) Ingredients for 9 TOTOROs

薄力粉       170g
160g of cake flour

ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2
2 tsp of baking powder

バター       40g
40g of butter

卵         1個
an egg

砂糖        40g
40g of sugar

ねりゴマ      小さじ1
1 tsp of black sesame paste

チョコペン黒    1本
1 chocolate pencil

1. 常温にしたバターと砂糖を混ぜたあと、卵を入れて混ぜる。
  Mix the butter and sugar. Then, put an egg into there, and mix them.

2. 薄力粉とベーキングパウダーを少しずつ入れてその都度混ぜる。
  Put the baking powder and cake flour little by little. Mix them.

3. 混ざったら生地をひとまとめにし、冷蔵庫で30分ほど休ませる。
  Get together them. And put them into refrigerator. Wait for about 30min.

4. 生地を冷蔵庫から取り出し、その3分の2にはねりゴマを混ぜる。
  Mix the black sesame paste to one-third of it.

5. ねりゴマを混ぜた方の生地を平たくのばし、トトロの型でぬく。
  Extend flat the sesame mixed one, and cut with the TOTORO-shape cookie cutter.

6. ねりゴマを混ぜていない方の生地で、お腹と白目を作って貼りつける。
  Make and paste the stomach n' eyes with the plain one.

7. 160℃に余熱したオーブンで20分焼く。
  Bake at 336℉ for 20 minutes.

8. 焼けたらしばらく放置し冷めてから、チョコペンで黒目とお腹の模様を描く。
  Wait until getting cold. Then, paint the black eyes n' the design of stomach with a chocolate pencil.